Monday, February 23, 2015

Vin Number


This vin number took me a lot of paper work to send to the DMV..I sent it to them once and it was lost. Had to re-send all of the Info. A lady I talked to was very sorry this happened and took care of it personally for me... Had to then take the trike to the police station to have it verified that the Vin number was properly placed... Sent that paper work in and got the plate... It was fall of 2014 and didn't get to much riding in.. I can not wait to Ride the trike legally, not get pulled over and truly enjoy our venture in building a V8 trike...It is time for my Son and I to enjoy the ride and the warm breeze....... LETS RIDE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I also have to Thank Christi, If it wasn't for her effort I would not have this Blog.. Thank you Sweet lady !!!!


Hello. Finally after 3 years of testing and re-working the trike is complete ! Now it has a vin number and a cycle plate..

Monday, May 6, 2013

Hello to all...... I am very sorry it has taken me so long to add to my blog.
The trike has come a long ways in the building of it...
 I bought 4 fenders from farm and fleet and welded them together to make 2 fenders for the trike. The picture above shows them along with the gas tank under the rear set, 12 gallon. and the radiator from a dodge that I started mounting. The rear bumper is from a Studebaker I cut and welded together.
The seats I bought from a swap meet. My son bought parts for the engine that were needed to get it up and running..
 Here it is in paint with ford tail lights from JC Whitney.

 Gauges I bought from O rally auto parts.

More to come...

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welding of the frame

Now I need to weld up every thing I added... First i have to take it all apart.....
 With every thing off, I rolled the frame around to weld motor mounts, foot pegs, master cylinder, swing arm hinge and the rest of the pipe I added to the frame.

Ollie Man!!!

Of coarse my friend and helper came to visit me to see what I have been doing ... His name is Ollie, he decided to stick out his tough about the whole thing.
During the winter my son Sean an I cut out the motor mounts and relocated them several time. it still didn't look right.
 The motor was to high in the frame. There was so much ground clearance it looked like it would tip over when making turns. Took the motor out and heated and spread the frame so the motor would sit lower.

Sean went to Jefferson swap meet and bought a lot of needed parts. Tires and rims, intake manifold, headers, seats, gas tank, distributor, valve covers and elect water pump. I reworked the pivot point to the rear end swing arm. There was pillow block bearings holding the rear end to the frame. I felt it was to week. I made a hinge and used one inch round stock for the pin. welded a U-channel for support to the frame as well. I cut 12 inches off the swing arms to shorten the wheel base.

Bent and welded 1 1/4" pipe to the frame underneath the existing pipe . Welded angle to the new pipe for the coil springs and started thinking about shock placement.

 When I sat on the frame it felt like i was sitting in my truck, being able to see over any car.... I was not satisfied.. So again talking with Sean we decided to cut off the top pipes and lower them down....

 Now that the seats are lower and I like the frame stile i made I added foot pegs using 1 1/4 " pipe. Also added steering post and rear trans. mount. Now working on break peddle and to mount a master cylinder to the frame. Every thing is very close, meaning a tight fit in order to mount things into place. A lot of thinking going on  to make ever thing right the first time.